Monday, November 28, 2005

Noro Fun

Last summer I found two skeins of Noro Silk Garden in the sale bin at my lys. I had always wanted to try Noro yarn, but was discouraged by the price. (I am a bargain shopper in all ways--even with the beloved yarn.) I scooped up the bargain and saved the yarn, letting it marinate until I found the perfect project. When I found Cat Bordhi, I knew those two skeins were born to be a Moebius Purl Ridge Scarf!! Well, they were born to be 98% of a Moebius Scarf, because I ran out about 3/4 way around on the I-cord BO. Argh! I was NOT gonna frog a Moebius scarf--especially my first Moebius Scarf.

I contacted my lys and of course, no more #65. I went online and found this lovely business--
Wool Needlework who had the yarn and in such a good price that I was able to buy two more skeins and have them shipped to me for way less than I could have bought them at my lys anyway. I got the yarn in days and finished the scarf and made a little pillbox to match.

Here it is...and a shot of the shaping at the top. See how cleverly I double-wrapped the lovely scarf to hide the fact that I MESSED UP AND DID A DOUBLE MOEBIUS! Oh good grief. Maybe I should have frogged.

Yep, I lost faith halfway in the first round and twisted again. Has anybody else made that mistake?

I was gonna send this to my mom, but would you send your mom a double Moebius, a defective, mutant Moebius? I think my mom deserves a perfect Moebius, just for putting up with me during my adolescences (all five of them). I am way too old for her to accept it "just cause I made it myself," like the pencil holders and Mother's Day cards and handprints squashed in clay. What to do? Do ya like it, Mom?

Anyway, I enjoyed working with the Silk Garden. It was a visual treat. I will probably do it again. Now I am making myself a cardigan with Kureyon because the other day I walked into my lcs (local craft store?) and there it was--enough Noro Kureyon in a delightful color to make me a cardigan, just for fun. As soon as I get far enough for it to have a recognizable shape, I'll post pics of the progress.

For now...
Gaelic lesson!

Figh! (knit!)--pronounced "fee"
figheadair (knitter)--pronounced "I'm not sure" (I just like it--fig*head*air)
snath (yarn & wool)--pronounced "snah" (missing an accent mark--somebody tell me how to get accent marks in!)

Lovely words all. Happy figheadh (knitting)!


emy said...

I have to say that yarn is lovely, so is the pillbox!

Amie said...

Blogger is seriously lacking in the foreign language tweaks - I think you can get accents if you were to post entirely in another language (you have to tell it in your options you're posting in French or one of the other accented languages they offer) but not if you post in English. Bummer.

Thanks for that flash site - I'll be playing with that all day!!!

emy said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your package! It finally came through and I blogged about it. It's so sweet of u to send that out to me in Singapore :)

Big hugs,