Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Farewell kid 'n' ewe

I love Bryson's "kid 'n' ewe" yarn. Unfortunately, it is going the way of Mission Falls 1824 wool & cotton (don't get me started--boohoo). It's being discontinued. Says so on the Bryson site.

I love it best for its felting qualities, like in this pair. It makes a tight, sturdy felted fabric with a boucle effect. It felts fast and shapes well. Should I go on? Maybe not, since we must mourn the loss of her--sweet kid 'n' ewe!

I have to admit to its being just a little itchy when knitted up into things like these two:

Yep, same pattern in two colors. I did secure a small amount for future use. I have enough lovely blue to design a felted vest. Wish me luck. I have never tried a felted garment--only hats , bags & slippers. Get out the calculator and cozy up to the math! (Not my nature, but I'll do anything for knitting!)

Let me hear from others of you who loved this yarn and what you did with it. Will you miss it? What will you replace it with?

And I leave you with a small Gaelic lesson...

Madainn mhath! (mah-teeyn vah)
Good morning!

Happy Wednesday and everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Anna said...

Lovely scarf and hat sets! I've never used this yarn before, but I might have to try to secure some before it's completely gone. It's definitely good to meet another 'bama girl in the northwest! :-)

desiknitter said...

I have not used this yarn before, but the pattern and both colours are lovely! I am leaning slightly towards the burgundy, but the lilac is also beautiful. Are they your own design?

fig said...

Yes, the lace set is my Fern Lace Cap & Scarf. The brown does look sort of burgundy in the pic--it is a reddish brown. Thanks Desi.

Marji said...

Thank you so much for the explanation of the correlation between Fig and knitting - the Gaelic - of course - why didn't I already know that?
Love your new blog, and your Fighead patterns. I found your blog through the link on Celia's blog. Happy Knitting from the Midwest.