Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tha i breagha an diugh, nach eil?

It's beautiful today, isn't it? (Ha i btheeyah un joo nach eyl?) Well, it is here in Tacoma!
Yesterday I would have said, "Tha i fliuch an diugh, nach eil?" or "It's wet today, isn't it?"
The past two days were good for rain (staying in and knitting), but it's good to see the blue sky today!

And this morning it's pu
mpkin pie & coffee for breakfast. Yummalicious!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving here in the States. We did--even watched some parade, talked with some fam back in the Southeast, & played some Christmas music (once the turkey was in the belly, that is!).

Today, much fiber fun to be had. I am writing patterns,

blocking a sweater,

working on a little Guernsey for Preston,

and trying to sneak in a few rows on
my Kureyon Kardi!

Mar sin leibh an-drasta!
(Bye for now!)


desiknitter said...

Seeing your picture of pie and coffee has made me hungry, but I had to leave a comment to simply say that before signing off!

Amie said...

I would love if you would consider audio posting some of the gaelic - it's a service Blogger allows for free (just call a number and record like voicemail) and it would be fabulous to hear the pronunciations!!!

fig said...

I am sure you'd like this site ( better than hearing a Southern girl beginner Gaelic learner! It's a really cool site for hearing the language--especially in flash version.