Sunday, November 20, 2005


Welcome to my first post! Please excuse my lack of accent marks--much to learn. I wanted to create a blog to send out news and musings about Figheadh and knitting in general. As we tell on our site, figheadh means knitting in Scottish Gaelic. Cniotail is Irish Gaelic, so ,yes, there is a difference...but not so huge.

As must be obvious, we latched onto the Scottish version and then it was all about the FIG. The Scots would not say "fig head". They would say "fee-yugh" (the "ugh" sounding the same as your response to seeing a squashed slug on the sidewalk--as you suppress upchuck, that is, as says our Gaelic teacher, the illustrious Richard of Slighe nan Gaidheal).


figknits is me

and the fig

and the figheadh

Mar sin leibh an drasta!
(Farewell for now!)


Amie said...

Hey, fig! I'm of Scottish decent and have tried to learn gaelic a few times (and can say a VERY few phrases) - I'm loving your links in the sidebar, will definitely check them out! Welcome to blogging!

Anonymous said...

This is the Cutest knit blog ever!!

twig said...

Please tell me the snow picture is not from *this* season already!

Looking good!