Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vintage Yarn Info

This is for my vintage knitting and crochet pattern enthusiasts:
Yarn equivalent charts for vintage discontinued Patons, Beehive, and Jaeger yarns--just one more great thing I found in the stash that Mary Jane gave me.

If you have trouble seeing these images, just click on each and you will be taken to a larger image. I hope these are helpful to you.

This one gives gauge by needle size in metrics. That's what we want to see!
"Stocking Stitch" is, of course, Stockinette Stitch. I interpret the third column to mean that these were not available in Canada, but were in England. These flyers were all published in Toronto. 

There are also some needle equivalents at the bottom of this one.

This one is helpful because it categorizes the yarns by weight.
("Intermediate" weight--that's a new one on me!)

You can see that these are from 1979 and 1981, so the yarns are gone. Hope this helps with all your awesome 70's and 80's vintage knitting!

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