Friday, November 15, 2013

Meme Cardigan, Part Four

Once your Meme Cardigan is complete, you can choose how you want your front closure.

I tried out two different closures for my cardigans. The first was easy and quick with just a zipper. The second was a little more involved, but worth it. I love both!

For the first Meme, I simply pinned my zipper to the back of the garter stitch edging and then sewed it on.

Couldn't be simpler.

For the second one, I used these cute little wooden oval buttons.

First I attached each button to the garter stitch edging, positioning each one at the middle of the twisted-stitch cable beside the front closure.

On the corresponding band, I attached yarn and worked one slip stitch to stabilize it, then three crochet chain stitches for the loop, and ended with another slip stitch, all corresponding to the look-a-like loop in the cable pattern. Then I wove the ends in very well. 

I could have made loops in the garter stitch edge as I worked it, binding off three stitches on one row and casting those stitches back on in the next row. As it was, I had not decided quite how I was going to work those buttonholes/loops, so I worked the edging and let it rest until I decided. This was easy to work after the cardigan was finished and blocked. 

At the back of both the button loop side and the button side, I sewed grosgrain ribbon for stability and to hide some yarn ends.

I've worn both these sweaters and tested them and both closures work very well. I am now working on another one for my mom and she has requested big buttons. I'll show you how that goes.

How will you close up your Meme Cardigan?

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