Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meme Cardigan, Part Three

Welcome back to our Meme Cardigan project!
As you can see, I have joined the front pieces of the cardigan to the back section by casting on the required stitches across the bottom of each armhole and have worked one pattern repeat on the lower body. On each size of the Meme, the cast-on stitches at the side seams are worked in different combinations of baby honeycomb. It complements the rest of the stitch patterns in the sweater nicely and with such a small repeat, it was easy to adapt for each size. 

Once the lower body is complete, you will return to the armhole and set up for knitting the sleeves. This model that I'm working is size 38, so there is a twisted knit stitch at the center of the lower armhole, making it a natural seam line. I will start with this stitch.

I love using this little Susan Bates tool for picking up stitches. Its crochet hook end makes it easy and I can line up a few stitches on it and then slide them to my circular needle.

Once I do that, I pick up the required stitches along one half of the sleeve. Since I am using a worsted weight yarn, I pick up approximately three stitches in every four rows.

When I arrive at the saddle stitches waiting on scrap yarn, I slide those to a second circular needle and knit them in pattern. I made a note of where I was in the cable pattern, but I didn't even need to, because the pattern tells me which row to start on! Nice.

From there, I went on to pick up the required number of stitches along the second half of the armhole, which brings me back to the center of the lower armhole, where I began. At this point I have enough stitches to work on one 16" circular, so to make things simple I will knit a few rounds before I separate the stitches onto either two circulars or one long one to work it Magic Loop Style.

There is that sleeve, stretching out so prettily from where we picked up those stitches along the armhole.

Next post we will look at the front closure.

See ya in a couple of days!

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