Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Junebug Days 2013 Grand Prize Winner!

The screen capture says it all!

Thanks to Fred for making my random name picker, and thanks to superhero grandkids Mal and Lu for helping us celebrate with their cuteness on my desktop!

What? Too tiny to read? Well, the winner is 

I will be sending Kate this fun package just as soon as I receive a mailing address from her. 

Thanks to all of you who played along with me this year--I hope you learned something and picked up some inspiration. I certainly did!

Junebug Days was much more low-key this year because of a big vacation (which I still have to tell you about) and more relaxed birthday celebrations. I took all of last week for slowing down and celebrating my birthday and Fred's is this week. On to the next party!

Edited: Yes, I left out the prize pic. I will try to go back to my usual method of spending a couple of hours writing posts to make sure I leave nothing out. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so....

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