Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Come with me to Ravenwood

Just on the other side of Spokane from us (that would be the eastern side), we'll take a left and pass all the fast food joints and big box stores. We'll head on up the hill and keep climbing, making a couple of right turns until the road almost runs out and suddenly we are sitting on top of the world.

We'll hop out of the car and go straight to the barn, where there are plenty of new moms with their spring kids, who love to lounge in the "goat hotel."

We'll walk over to a special pen where Max the Maremma watches over a couple of goats in quarantine. 
They're getting much better!

We'll amble over to the barn where Ghita watches very suspiciously and lets you know with a bark that you'd best not mess with her seven new puppies! We'll even hold one of the warm little bundles. So sweet.

And we'll happily and enviously stroll through Delia's beautiful garden with its new path. Delia will pick us some radishes and lettuce for the dinner salad and we'll admire her enormous raspberry bushes.

We'll scratch this little guy behind the ear before we head up to the house for dinner.

Wouldn't you just love it?
We certainly did.

Thanks so much to Delia and Reed for a wonderful visit!

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