Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The WIP Basket Report

Since I boldly posted that I had put 12 WIP's in a basket and vowed to finish them way back in December, I felt I owed you an update on how those projects were coming along.
Oh, brother. Hardly a change. 
Only one of the twelve has really emerged as an FO. I finished the Bias-Knit Scarf from Lisa R. Meyers' book, The Joy of Knitting (yea!), but then a pair of socks for my sister leaped into the whole affair, because I arranged a swap with her (more on that later). The one crochet project that was here has now been upgraded to a more active basket, which also holds a lace shawl in progress. I took out a couple more projects that were being worked up for designs. I think it will go more smoothly (and with less guilt) if I keep this basket only for personal projects, whether for keeping greedily or giving to someone else.  

The biggest confession is that I have let other projects get me sidetracked. You saw some of them last month in the NaCroMo activity. Another is in the upper right corner. Yeah, that's a pair of slippers I just had to cast on yesterday 
(more on that later, as well).

I have no willpower. The yarn is my master. 

So, you six pair of socks and one scarf remaining in the WIP basket--I renew my pledge to you! One by one I will tackle you. There, I said it here, so I have to do it.

Are you the master of your WIP's, or do they plague you and mutter blasphemies at you from some corner of your otherwise peaceful home? Your confessions will be handled safely and with large compassion here. I understand.


Windybrook Spinner said...

Mine definitely grumble at me, which is why I have very few WIP's going at one time and I force myself to finish them (or frog them) before starting more. My real problem, though, is that my yarn mutters too. Not as loudly and it's more of a happy " come knit me" mutter, but I definitely get impatient with the slow speed of project progress sometimes. I think it it is good for me because I am learning patience, but sometimes I wonder if I need counseling.

Jen Hagan said...

Maybe we all need counseling, WS, but why not let the yarn do that for us? I see the yarn as a living thing, and it definitely talks to me. Sometimes it tells me it wants to be a certain thing, especially when I had imagined it being something else. Sometimes it tells me this after I have already started making it the thing it did not want to be. It was probably muttering all along and I did not listen. :-)

Erin Mcdonald said...

I love the idea of the basket with a set number of WIPs. I am doing that now, using project bags, and I am making sloooow headway. I really resist the urge to cast on anything new, but in a moment of weakness, during the tension of the week after the Marathon bombing, I allowed myself to cast on the Drizzle hat. I needed a short, soothing project.

As for yarn talking, maybe that is what wakes me up at 3AM?