Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ivywalk Stole

The Ivywalk Stole is released!

I put together these stitch patterns a couple of years ago and it has waited all this time to be knit. I think it was supposed to wait, because this way I was able to use Wendee's scrumptious Entice yarn. Hazel Knits yarn is one of my favorites, because Wendee is a superb dyer and you can always count on superior quality from her. I have made many items with Hazel Knits yarn and have never ever been disappointed.

This was my first try with Entice, and believe me, you want to knit with this yarn. I loved this colorway, which my daughter Natalie helped me choose back in February when we were shopping at Madrona in the Fiber Gallery booth. Wendee named it Hoppy Blonde because of beer, but I also was reminded of honey and of flaxen locks. It has hints of both yellows and golden browns and everything in between.

This stole pattern is fun to knit because it's a bit challenging in places. I love how the feather and fan edging works great with the Stockinette stitch areas between the diamond shapes of the border, which has a bit of twisted-stitch cable going on. I also love that the ivy leaf pattern had me really stymied when I first began knitting it, but then made sense as I got on to the third rep or so. These stitch patterns help a hand-dyed yarn like this one to shine, because there are plenty of Stockinette stitch areas amongst all the lacy parts.

Thanks to Wendee for the yarn, to Natalie for the help with color choice and with photographing the stole, and to both Natalie and Tracey for getting out the kinks!

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