Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 WIP's for 12/12/12!

In observance of this rare numerical occasion, and in accordance with plans to organize the stash and all my projects before the end of the year, I decided to gather all my WIP's together in one place and review. In this basket are twelve projects in progress--four scarves, two hats, and six socks, only one of which has a mate so far. 


I only see one crochet project here, and what's worse is that all except three are personal items. One is for a gift, two are for upcoming designs and subsequent patterns, and all the rest are Yikes.

And I'll go one more step and admit that this isn't even all my WIP's. I also have four blankets, four sweaters, two bags, and a couple of other small projects in the works. 

I need a plan for at least tackling this basket, and then I'll get to the rest of those buggers. Here's what I'll do: I will keep these projects in this basket and work on one of them at a time until I'm done. When I'm finished with each one, I will show progress. This way I have made a promise to you and that means I might have a rat's chance in a cat shelter of getting these done.

Wish me luck, and Happy 12/12/12 to you! 


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Are you planning on finishing all your WIP's by the end of the year? Good for you, that's some goal, I will me cheering from the sidelines :-)

Ana BC said...

That sounds like my basket too! But I have smaller projects, and many crochet ones, which work faster. Can´t wait to see your finished projects because you have some gorgeous yarns there. Cheers to you!

fig said...

Thanks, Jenni! So good to see you here. And, um, no. I will most definitely not finish all this by the end of the year--that's only 19 days away! I will, however, make a small dent. :-)

fig said...

Hi Ana! These are all small projects in the basket, and yes, they are some pretty yarns. That helps. Thanks for the encouragement!