Thursday, January 10, 2013

Constructing Ingelill

 I recently finished a couple of Ingelills for Grandtwins Malcolm and Lucy and I thought I would show you a couple of shots of finishing tips.

This time I used some non-pill microfleece in a medium grey that I got on sale at Hancock Fabrics. Folks, this was my favorite lining yet (except for the bunny felt, and I can't use that for every hat, wish as I may). It stitched up so neatly and perfectly. I know it will be hard-wearing and warm and that's great for kids.

I also stopped long enough in the process to show how I pick up stitches along the side of the band for the earflaps. First, I count the required number of stitches to the left of the center back for working the left ear flap, as stated in the pattern. Then I pick up the stitches and work the flap. Then when it is time for the right ear flap, I hold the two sides together and pick up the corresponding flap at the same place as the other, using  the cable on the band as my guide. Let's get a closer view of how to pick up these stitches.

Usually when picking up stitches along the side of knitted fabric, you do not pick up a stitch from the side of every row. Knitted fabric is usually wider than it is tall, so you will skip stitches at a certain rate. Since this is a sport weight*, I pick up three stitches out of every four. In the picture you can see more clearly that there are three stitches picked up, and then the fourth is skipped, and then you repeat for as many stitches as needed on the needle. The gaps will disappear as you work the stitch pattern. Also notice that I have picked up the stitches consistently by making sure to keep the pickups along the same line of stitches at the side of the fabric, making a clear, straight line for the new stitches to be created. This is easy when there are at least two knit stitches at the edges of the band--one for picking the stitches through and one for remaining intact and forming an edge. 

Other tips common to both this hat and the Ingefred Hat appear in this post.

* For fingering, DK or light worsted, you would use the same pickup rate. For Aran and bulky, you would need to pick up two stitches for every three.

I hope Mal and Lu like their new hats!
Made with Cascade 220 Sport in Mystic Purple and Turtle.

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Evelyn said...

Love your notes and tutorial -- thanks. I'm coveting the green yarn you're knitting with!