Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Let's Get Organized!

Hello Friends! Happy 2013!
Sorry to be away, but I've been mostly offline for most of this first week of the new year. Some of it was self-imposed and some could not be helped. Either way, I'm glad to be back. Let's tackle the first major project of the year: Getting all my supplies in order so this year can be more productive!
Like WEBS is doing over on their blog, I want to spend at least part of this month rearranging my knitting and crochet supplies. 

I actually started the last week of 2012 pulling out all my yarn to organize it differently. I used to store it according to yarn company, but this year I want to try storing it according to weight. Hey, anything to give me more knitting and crocheting time, right? Here's what I found.

I could use more in this category. It's the tiniest group, and some of this is going to be used pretty soon. It's time for some spring/summer lacy shawls, scarves, and stoles!

I need to stop adding to this one--I'll never be able to knit or crochet this all up! But it's so fun to collect, isn't it?

Once I got this one grouped, I noticed that with the exception of the Dale Heilo and the one skein of Brown Sheep, these were all farm yarns and hand-dyed. Interesting. One of my Instagram contacts says it's because the big yarn companies don't offer as much sport weight. Do you find this to be true, too?

This where we begin to see more sweater amounts--multiples instead of onesies. There is also more cotton in this category for some reason.

I was happily able to store all four of these yarn categories in the sweater hangers in one of my studio closets. And look, there's room to spare! Not going to fill those empty spaces, though. Nope.

By far my biggest stash section, I had to flash it in my closet cubbies--no way I could lay it all out for one group shot like the others. The bins you see in the lower left corner are filled with one-skein wonders--one for cotton, one for various wools and wool blends, and one for Cascade 220 alone. The basket and the green bag middle left are filled with all the yarn needed for two sweater projects I've been trying to get to for years--one will be a slipped-stitch cardigan and the other a pretty stripey one. One day!

I love working with bulky because it's so squishy and fast, but it is one of the most underused weights in my stash. I love the aforementioned qualities, but prefer the fabric created by lighter-weight yarns for most things. I do, however, have a cable blanket going in bulky--it has its uses.

There ya go! And in all the yarn handling, I even found my little stash of novelty yarn.
I hardly ever use these, but they are fun to have. Who knows when I might need something blingy, hairy, or suedey?

Of course, in digging out my yarn, I also had to face the over three dozen WIP's hanging around. I pulled them all out and reassessed them and placed most of them carefully around the onesie bins. Maybe that'll keep me from rummaging through the bins for more yarn for (what?) more WIP's. You know as well as I do how we "just have to make that cute little hat." No. Finish what you started.

And now that I'm more organized, I have the full steam to do just that! 


Caffeine Girl said...

I have my stash sorted by weight, and I think that works really well.

fig said...

It just makes more sense, doesn't it, CG? I should have had it this way all along. :-)

Ana BC said...

Now I don´t feel so bad about all the yarn stash I have! You have some beautiful yarn that I can´t find in my country. You are welcome to join a "Stash-BUster" challenge for 2013 @ my blog: Lanas de Ana. we just started today. It is just to encourage each other to use up our ever-growing stash.
Have a great knitting year!!!
♥ Ana BC

Jessica L'Heureux said...

I sort by weight and I love it.

Your pictures are delish! I just want to roll in it all.

Vanessa said...

I have my stash all thrown together into two Latern Moon baskets. It makes it hard finding that ONE skein that I want when everything else is in the way.

Anonymous said...

I organise my stash by weight as well, it makes the most sense! As for laceweight, it might not look as much, but do remember that it is the most generous in yardage, so you can probably get a lot out of those skeins...

Bonnie said...

Good job! It's a big deal to pull everything out and evaluate what you have. I'm very impressed!!

fig said...

Thanks Ana!

fig said...

See, Jessica, you had it figured out before I did. Rolling around in yarn--what fun!

fig said...

Vanessa, you need to free your yarn. Give it some air!

fig said...

Fridica, if we lay the lace out end-to-end, it will reach to the moon? Hahaha. You're right, though. More lace fits in a smaller space, for sure!

fig said...

Thanks, Bonnie! It did wear me out, and there was the sneezing....