Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ingefred and Ingelill

Yep, them's Viking names! Once I got these hats done they started looking like Viking helmets to me. 
What do you think?
We hope that when you need some cozy warm Viking helmets you'll choose Ingefred and Ingelill.
Here are some details....
Ingefred is the adult sized cabled ear flap hat that can easily be a headband, a beanie or a hat with flaps. It's modular, in that it begins with the sideways-knit cabled band. Join the band and add a crown if you wish. 

After that, add ear flaps and cord, maybe.

And after that, you can add pompoms, perhaps. 

The pattern has sizes for small or large heads. Actually the smaller size can be for babies, especially if you line it inside with some fleece. If you need a really large hat, you can use heavier yarn. I used farm yarns for all of my Ingefreds because I love the rustic feel of them. This hat needs to be burly!

I lined mine with this angora felt handcrafted by my friend Shelly Whitman. 
You wouldn't even believe how soft this is.  Baby cheeks soft!

Here is the baby/toddler ear flap hat called the Ingelill. You would be right not to be fooled that I am holding a real baby in this photo. This is my willing model, Emmett, the Cabbage Patch Doll. At least he is always available and never grows one solid inch. 

The Ingelill is also knit modularly so that it could be headband, beanie, or ear flap hat. It sports some optional bobbles and pompoms. Sizes included are baby and toddler, because actually the larger size comes out bigger than the smaller size of the Ingefred. Ah, the mysteries of pattern writing! The cable patterns dictated that little glitch.

For your enjoyment, here is Ingelill modeled by a baby pumpkin (in the spirit of the season) and looking a lot like Marvin the Martian. "Where's the Kaboom?"

Do you need a warm hat this year? Try Ingefred or Ingelill!
Thanks to my daughter Natalie for the photography!


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

So cute! Lovely cables, and I do love a good earflap hat.

fig said...

Thanks, Michele!

Kelli said...

Such cute hats Jen! Love the pumpkin head :)

fig said...

Thanks, Kelli!

Caffeine Girl said...

Those are great hats. I really need to build my cable-confidence and these look like great ways!

fig said...

Thanks, CG! Yes, these projects would be great for strengthening your cable skills. You start with working a cable flat on the band. Then when you join the band into a circle on the Ingefred, you pick up and knit some cables in the round. It's good to know how to do cables both ways. Working them on a flat piece ups your confidence in looking at them from the wrong side--very important! I hope you'll give them a try. :-)

Unknown said...

Yes Mal and Lu NEED!

fig said...

Yes, um, Unknown...hey is that you, Mom??