Friday, August 31, 2012

More Socks, Of Course!

Hello! I've been missing you!

Believe me, I would much rather have been here chatting with you than doing all the editing I've been doing, but edit I must! And I must be thorough and brutal. We are getting the new Figheadh site ready to launch and I have been polishing up almost all of the sock patterns for this event. This turned out to be a very good summer activity. Socks make good summer knitting, what with all the warm weather and travelling.

The next three Figheadh sock patterns that I've just put up new versions of on Ravelry are...
in Sundara Sock in South Seas

in Schaefer Nichole in Clara Barton

Natalie and I shot these at the Northwest Native Garden in Point Defiance Park recently.
I know, I want the outtakes!

Not exactly the look we were going for, but, hey! Why not try it?

I kept trying to work in my Celery Waxy Danskos because they are dear to me,

Nice idea, but we can't see the feets!

We knitters have to see all the details, right?

Need some new socks to knit? Try some of these updated patterns of mine. 
They are much, much better now. And I have so enjoyed knitting them again with all these beautiful hand-dyed yarns. Props to Hazel Knits, Schaefer, Cephalopod, Kollage, and Sundara!

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Evelyn said...

Gorgeous socks! And your outtakes are fabulous, too.