Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday FO: More Socks!

Hello, Folks! Happy Friday and I hope your August is good so far. I am mostly done with my summer of socks (two small pair to go) and I thought I'd bring you up to date on my progress.
I showed you these socks in a group shot last week, but wanted to focus on these last two pair more closely...
This is the latest pair of Lace & Lattice Socks in Kollage Sock-a-Licious Heather. This is the same yarn I used for the Weekender Tank for Creative Knitting. I had a whole skein left and asked Susan at Kollage if I could keep it and use it. I'm so glad I did, because it was a great knit! These socks are so soft and comfy, besides being rather glamorous.

All blocked and spiffed up. The little ball is what was left of the 350-yd skein.
(Instagram edit) 

Here is another Instagram edit of the Snow Lake Socks in Schaefer Nichole before I blocked the second sock. See the contrast? It's good to block socks! 
This is the lovely Clara Barton colorway (she founded the Red Cross and this yarn has every color red as tribute--pinky red, winey red, tomatoey red--you name it!)

And here I am trying them on--so warm and comfy! I was settling in with my new copy of Knit Wear and the Jane Austen 2012, both from Interweave and both fabulous, by the way.

Enough sock (and magazine) talk--I gotta get back to work on my fourth Wanda Nell Cardigan!
Hopefully I'll be able to make her next week's Friday FO.
Cheers, all! Enjoy your weekend.


Melissa said...

Your socks look amazing.I never realized that blocking socks made the socks look even better then before. I just tend to wear them.

Kim Sonksen said...

I LOVE both socks but the purple ones?? DIVINE!

ChristinaPurls said...

Gorgeous socks. Love, love, love, the purple ones :)

fig said...

Thank you all!