Wednesday, February 08, 2012

LetterMo Update: Smash Books and Fudge

How are you doing with your LetterMo challenge? We're seven days in (Sunday didn't count) and I have sent a postcard to a friend, a thank you note to my mom, a journal to my youngest daughter (we have been doing a Circle Journey journal the past few years), a note card to a friend, a birth congrats card to a friend, a letter to my sister, and today a letter to my middle daughter. This is right up my alley since I have been trying to jump-start a regular program of writing to folks for some time now. It's like they read my mind. I finally printed out the pretty stickers that Vicki Stephens made for us (missed the first few days) and this morning I had a bunch of fun making smash books for two of my grandsons. I hope I can tempt them both to start passing those back and forth with me--those are the mail for the next two days. I have also received one pretty card from a friend--see it in the lower left corner? Thank you, Kelli!

I hope I make it through the whole month. Join us! It's okay if you start late. As with most good things, some is better than none, right?

As for yarny pursuits,  I'm working exclusively on this buttery mound of alpaca/wool softness. Yep, you can see some cables and a sleeve on hold. That's all I'm telling! Secret.

But I can tell you more about these Fudge Babies I finally tried out from Chocolate Covered Katie. No sugar. Seriously! I will advise you to take her up on the tip to roll them using a piece of plastic wrap--they get kinda sticky after about the first five and it gets harder to make them roundish. If you have some of those lunch lady plastic gloves, that would work great too (while you listen to this!)

Hope your day is as fun as mine is turning out to be.


Kelli said...

That little card has waited for years to be sent to just the right person - you! :)

GirlAnachronismE said...

Oooh that knitting looks soft and squishy.

fig said...

I love the little card, Kelli, and will keep it forever! GirlA this yarn IS soft. Not scratchy at all and so fluffy. It's a shame that this yarn is discontinued (Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL).