Saturday, February 11, 2012


I wanted to take a little space and answer a couple of those questions from my last post and to clarify that all the salt-making was a little more than an avoidance technique. I don't know about you, but I find myself so much more productive when avoiding some odious task like trying to figure out knitting-pattern math (I actually should have been finishing up a pattern draft when instead I was in the kitchen fiddling around with lemons and limes...sigh.)

Bonnie, the fizzy drink is made by pouring into a 16-ounce glass about 1/4 cup of "just cranberry" (nothing but cranberry juice, which is very tart and strong), a packet of stevia (or even better--a squeeze of agave nectar), which I stir well before adding anything else so the stevia (or agave) will melt and not make the fizz go extra foamy and roll out of the glass! Then I add the juice of one lime and fill the glass with fizzy water. I use some lemon-lime flavored carbonated water with no sweetener that we get from Fred Meyer. I really want one of these fizz makers, though! Ah, someday.

Vanessa, I plan to try the salts in some dishes both on my queue yet to make and in some old favorites. The orange or lemon salt would be good sprinkled over this, or this, or this. I want to try the lime salt on some of this, and this, and this. Of course, anything that has those citrus juices already as an ingredient can be intensified by adding like salt. I would just decrease the amount of salt added when cooking the dish, knowing I was going to add a dash of the citrus salt just before eating. If anyone else has any good ideas for using the citrus salts, we're all ears! Heidi, of 101 Cookbooks, had another good idea--sprinkled on homemade caramels. Now, I have seen quite a lot of this salted caramel thing going on, but since I'm not really a caramel-loving girl like my oldest daughter Emily is, I have yet to try any. This might be the thing to get me to finally try a taste. Dark chocolate caramel with lime salt? I could go for that!

Now I'm off for a somewhat drizzly walk with Fred, then my workout, and then more of this.
Have a good Saturday yourself!


Pumpkin said...

There is something so wonderful about watching a yarn swift in action!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the drink info. It sounds DELICIOUS!