Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mosey Grand Prize!

Can you believe it's the last day of Junebug Days? Where does the time go?

It's also the last day to qualify for our Junebug Days Grand Prize...
...a Mosey Cable Lace Wrap Kit, which includes a pretty Mirth bag (handmade by my sister Linda), a 32" ChiaoGoo size 4 circular needle, a Brittany Cable Needle Set, the pattern, and three skeins of Schaefer Nichole. The winner even gets to pick from four gorgeous colors (starting bottom right and go clockwise) Thistle, Clara Barton, Indigo, and Julia Child.

I will take all the names of you who purchased either a Figheadh or Mirth PDF download during the month of June and draw the winner.

This is my thanks to you for buying my patterns. If it weren't for you, there would be no Figheadh or Mirth at all!

I'll be back to announce the winner tomorrow. See you soon!

1 comment:

lorraine said...

i cant believe it either..this was entirely too much fun! thanks for some amazing giveaways!