Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Junebug Days!

Hello! Welcome to our month-long Junebug party here on figknits. I'm not talking about real bugs, but those of us born during the month of June. Being a Junebug myself, Im kinda partial. I picked June to have this little fiesta because my birthday's this month and I wanna party all month long!

The reason for the partying is that in addition to releasing some new Figheadh patterns, we are going to be having some fun at some other Junebugs' expense and we'll be giving away some prizes. If you'd like to jump into the fun, here are the rules:

For this month only, whenever you see a post with "Giveaway Day" at the beginning of the post title, you know there's a prize involved that day. I will post a picture of the prize to be awarded. To be in the running, here's what you do. We'll use our random name generator to pick the winners.

1. Comment appropriately and pertinently. This is the only one required to get your name in for the day. Tell me why you'd like that day's prize, for instance. Then choose from any or all of the following tasks to up your chances. With each of these tasks, make sure to let me know what you did and make sure that I can contact you. If I can't follow your name as a link and find an e-mail addy or find your blog or site, please add that information to your comment. I want to be able to contact you to let you know if you win. Okay, here's the rest.

Caution: Please perform each of the following actions once--doing so more than once skews my numbers and does not increase your chances to win. Thank you.
2. "Like" Figheadh Yarnworks on Facebook. Help us get to 100 "likers" and beyond!
3. "Like" Mirth on Facebook. Help us get to 100 "likers" and beyond!
4. "Follow" my blog.
5. Post the Junebug Days badge (above) on your blog--please copy and paste it and make it link back to me.
6. Post about Junebug Days (tell your friends!) on your blog or on Facebook.
7. Join my Figheadh Yarnworks and/or Mirth group(s) on Ravelry and introduce yourself, telling us that you did so because you read about it here. 
8. Sign up for my newsletter on the home page.
9. Join in one of the discussions on either the Figheadh Facebook page or the Mirth Facebook page.
10. Send me a message on Ravelry (jenhagan) telling me what your favorite Figheadh or Mirth pattern is (and please add a heart to it.)

Thanks to Sandra Singh for all the wonderful ideas I was inspired to add here. She is the queen of blog contests!

There will be several giveaway days this month, but I'm not telling ahead of time. You need to stop by pretty regularly to happen upon them. All prizes must be awarded by June 30 and anyone anywhere can win.

On the days between Giveaway Days, we will be celebrating famous and not-so-famous Junebugs. For instance...

Did you know that today is Andy Griffith's and Marilyn Monroe's birthday? Here are some things these two folks have in common. They were born the same day in the same year (June 1, 1926). They were both actors and singers. I'm sure you knew that last one, but did you know that they both were born with different names than the ones that eventually made them famous? I'll bet you already know that Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Baker, but did you know that Andy was born Carl Lee Griffith? They were also both married three times (not to one another of course) and if you'll notice both their acting careers included "playing dumb" a lot. Think about it.

Just two famous Junebugs I hope I've enlightened you about. So many more to come!

Tune in tomorrow when one of my Junebugs will be someone I grew up with compared to a First Lady--both Junebugs! Oh, and if you are a Junebug, I'd really like to know.

One more thing. We are also going to give away a grand Junebug Days prize to one Figheadh or Mirth pattern purchaser this month. Every purchase of a Figheadh or Mirth PDF download enters you into a drawing for a Mosey Wrap kit to be given away on June 30. This is a very good month to buy some Figheadh and Mirth! I'll tell you more about the kit tomorrow. I've kept you long enough.

Enjoy your day and I'll see you soon!


Bonnie said...

Fun! Thanks for doing this, and happy birthday!

Mom said...

I'm a Junebug too - June 7 - and I found your patterns on Ravelry and immediately marked one for future daughter loves cables in the things I make for her and I'm relative beginner at them so . . .trying to add more of that to my work! (Fastcat on Ravelry).
I'm following you with Google reader and Facebook - will be watching for your contests!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Happy Birthday! My mom, dad, grandma and niece have birthdays in June also!

I'm following your blog, the Ravelry group, and signed up for the newsletter.

Kelli said...

I'm an Augustbug, but my daughter's a Junebug! Does that count? - ha, look I'm cheating already :)

threadpanda said...

Yay for June babies!

I've added the contest image and a link to the sidebar on my blog! I'll also be posting about the contest in tomorrow's Friday Finds. :)

GirlAnachronismE said...

Yay, I'm a Junebug here too, June 7th for me =)