Monday, March 01, 2010


That's right! Our new pattern line is called Mirth because it makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too. To get you started, we are offering a free fingerless mitts pattern for you to play around with until the rest of the patterns are ready for sale by PDF download on April 1. Please mark your calendar and bookmark the site and keep coming back. I hope to have a lot of fun with this.
But wait, there's more!
We're having a KAL! The details are on the home page of the Mirth part of the site. Read all about it!
First, I'll send you to the main site. From there you can jump to Mirth (or Figheadh). Go!


Linda said...

Congratulations Sis! I'm so very excited for you and wish you much success! The new web sight looks great!

Love you,

La Rue said...

Congratulations to Fred and Jennifer, your combined achievement in launching the new structure for your web presence is awesome. I can't wait to come for a visit and get a tour of the technology behind it all. As always, wishing you fabulous success with the new venture and bliss every minute of every day.



HavetoomuchYarn said...

That is so generous, Jen. I am printing the pattern as I type. I am excited to start this but will have to (try to) dicipline my self and not do it until my ds's birthday (Mar 24th) present is (mostly) finished.

I will not take any bets except aginst on this....

Shelly said...

We're all rooting for you Jen. I'm taking a tea break before diving back into the Silkie. You go!

fig said...

Thanks Everybody!