Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's daffodil time--our first peek at springtime, which is only a week away! We love our daffodils around here. There's even a big parade or two here every spring and a festival where they crown a daffodil queen and princesses. I'm not making it up--go look if you don't believe me.
But of course, I'm not just here to tell you about daffodils in and of themselves, but daffodils translated into yarn. Specifically the way that only Robin of Pagewood Farm can do it.
I give you Aleyeska in Daffodils. See how Robin got it all in there? The various yellows and greens, of course, and even the browns of the spathe and the little blush from the sides of the corona. (Impressed, Mom?) Well, I had help with the names of the parts from this site, but even before I looked up the names, I knew this was true daffodil. Robin didn't miss a thing.

In other news, the last of the Mirth patterns go to test this week and most of the rest of them go to the editors. We're trying to get the kinks out and have them ready for April Fool's Day! For those of you doing the knitalong with the Off Kilter Mitts, please send a picture of your FO if you aren't on Ravelry. If you are on Ravelry, be sure to post a picture of your finished mitts and then I will be able to enter you into the Grand Prize drawing. I'll be back soon to actually show you a picture of what you'll be winning. Never fear, because we will also have some very nice second place prizes.

Knit those Mitts!

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La Rue said...

Yes, I am most impressed with the gardening lingo. Beautiful yarn in what I presume is a pair of socks?!?!? Good work on all aspects. LYVM