Friday, March 12, 2010


It's about way past time to brag on someone. Someone who's mostly behind the scenes around here, but without whom there would be no Web sites for me to say, "Go! Look at what I made up next!" No ads for people to find out about Figheadh and Mirth. No errata page uploaded every time I tweak it. No new shops put on the shop locator page. No cropped and Photo Shopped images to show off the knitting and the crocheting. No specially-designed business cards and promotional materials. No one going to the 9-5 every day so someone can pay the mortgage around here.
Besides all that, for me there'd be no Chicken Piccata, champagne breakfasts, long walks with great discussions, life with just the right amount of sweet to balance the bitter, and getting to see things from that very unique perspective that is, well...Fred.
He is the most talented and caring and supportive man I know and there is no one in the entire world just like him.
Let's give that man a coconut cream pie!

Because he really loves coconut cream pie.
Thanks Honey!


La Rue said...

Yeah Fred, good jobs!!!! LYVM

HavetoomuchYarn said...

Hurray for Fred!!