Monday, November 09, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we were privileged to be hosted by Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA, for a fashion show of the Figheadh designs. Look who joined us for the festivities! This is Mr. & Mrs. John & Ann Martin of Tacoma. Aren't they simply lovely in their family tartans? You can't hear it, but there is bagpipe music playing in the background and you can't taste it but we were drinking Scottish Breakfast tea and snacking on shortbread and scones. I wish you could get the whole picture! It was a blast.

Ireland was represented too, as you can see by Mr. McGaughey, who wore his utility kilt for us! If you think I was in hog heaven, then just multiply that by about ten. Too much fun. (No, I'm not doing a dance--I'm just giddily showing off the kilted guys. Yes, that's my daughter Natalie over to the right. She got roped into modeling and helping me lug stuff around. Thanks Nat!)

I was feeling my oats so much that I coerced this lovely group to model some of my new Fundamental Watch Caps. Don't they just look thrilled as can be? (Not so much) but they proceeded to stand around and be photographed for a good five minutes or so. Thanks to you all!

Last but not least, here is a great picture taken by Kelli of our two smallest models
wearing Declan and Raibeart and a couple of our hat designs. Cute!
We had a very fun and cozy evening as the YY Monday night knitting group knit and watched our little impromptu fashion display. Thanks so much to Mr. & Mrs. Martin and Mr. & Mrs. McGaughey for coming to add the kilt flair (and to model), and to Kerlina for bringing your little ones to show off our kid knits. I hope you had a good time, because we did!

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