Thursday, November 12, 2009


Fred and I got to take a little trip north this past weekend to Bellingham, thanks to Andrew and Andrea Evans of Apple Yarns. They have a beautiful yarn shop in the Barkley Village shopping district. I taught Cableology I and II on Saturday, and on Sunday a little group of us convened for my Cableology III, which is a designer class. First, I'll apologize to Andrew, Travis, Bell, Bridgette, Kathie, Linda, and Amy (Andrea and Andrew's daughter) for not having a picture here to show you off! I was so busy jabbering at you about cable knitting that I forgot to snap your picture. You were a lovely group! (Back to your cable knitting, folks!)

By Saturday afternoon, however, I was calmed down enough to get all of these folks in the intermediate cables class! First, to your left you see Becky, obviously heavily focused on her project. To her left there's Andrea of the many hats, and then Sarah holding her knitting aloft.

Here we have Sarah again and then Hilary and then unnamed new cable knitter who came in a bit late and did not sign my list (sorry, sweets--please let me know who you are!) Speaking of that, if any of you are reading and I get your name wrong, well, excuse my memory and I'll excuse the crazy way you filled in the sign-up sheet! It was bouncing all over the table! This was one wild and crazy bunch, I'll tell ya. We had too much fun. Really.

On around the table we have Francine, Kim, and Margie. Yes, that's a quote on the wall from Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Yarn. When I saw that, I knew I was in the right place.

Sunday morning we had the advanced cables group--the ones who are ready to design their own cable hat. And boy did they! These accomplished knitters came up with five very different takes on the cable hat. I can't wait to see their results! In the picture above you see DeeDee and Hilary knitting and looking through references.

Here you see Claudia and Francine starting work on their own designs. Yes, Hilary and Francine came back after a good night's sleep and joined in for more fun! Brave souls.

And here's Francine again with Miriam, who was designing a cable toque. Boy, are they concentrating!

After class Sunday Fred and I went downtown for lunch at Boundary Bay (yum!) and then for a drive down Chuckanut Drive. Here's Fred enjoying the scenery.


And here's Margie signing us off (don't ask me how this picture got taken, but it perfectly illustrates the mood Saturday afternoon). It looks like she's saying, "Come on up to Bellingham and hang out and knit with us--it's sure to be a blast!"

Thanks to everyone at Apple Yarns for a really good knittin' time!

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Anonymous said...

I loved your class, I just finished wrist cable thing! I am giving it to my friend's 11 year old daughter! I did it in purple with a yellow button that looks like a watch face!