Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The January Creative Knitting issue is out. It has my Chattahoochee Scarf! Looky--
In the magazine, you can see more of the scarf--it's looonnnngggg, and with fringe! It was fun to make, and I got to try it with Moda Dea Tweedle Dee. Chunky!

This was just another of my designs with cables made from 2/2 rib...which I have stopped doing (as far as you know...hee, hee). No, really. I stopped. For now, at least.

Grab a copy of the January Creative Knitting and make a Chattahoochee! It's fun! Here's one I made with Gedifra Fashion Stripe.
This is what it looked like before I accidentally sent it through the washer and dryer. Now it has dreadlocks for fringe--kinda neat! The ladies at Yarn Stash saw it Sunday when I was there enjoying a wonderful day of classes. We had a blast! I can't wait to come back, you guys. You are all just the best!
Now back to knitting up some Seagull Socks with Claudia Handpaints Strawberry Latte. As soon as I get my camera back in play, I will show you. Too yummy.
Have fun knitting this week!


Rachel said...

Congratulations on another lovely pattern!

Dawn Brocco said...

Neat scarf pattern, fig - congrats!