Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Fun

In keeping with my current "sock-in-the-grass" favorite photo shot, here's an upgrade of my very first sock design, the Cables & Lace Sock. It's really simple, but makes such a beguiling little sock. The first sample I made was with the old Brown Sheep Handpaint Wildfoote in Desert Grass. Loved the color--hated the yarn. It was splitty and unyielding.

This one is made with the new Wildfoote, which, although heavily prone to twist, is sproingy and fun. This is the Rhapsody colorway (SY-200) and is a mix of jewel tones that the picture really didn't capture. It's actually darker and richer in tone--more like in this picture of the other skein yet untouched. Yep, I need to make the other sock.

But that'll have to wait. I have started work on my next women's sweater--a cabled pullover knit from the neck down. I've been wanting to try that, so I'm really excited. It seems the perfect thing to make sure your sleeves are the perfect length, and to make the body as long as you wish.

Meanwhile, we acquired new shop friends! The Yarn Stash in Burien, WA, now has Figheadh patterns. Yea! Fred and I had a wonderful time last Saturday visiting Bonnie and Beth, the owners, and a few of their very friendly customers. We are going to be there on Sunday, November 18, to do a casual presentation and sample showing. If you are near Burien, please stop in anytime from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M and see us!

Also, stay tuned for more new designs. The patterns are starting to come out of testing and as they get ready, I will show and tell! We have a fingerless mitts & headband design, and a scarf and hat design coming any day now, as well as a cabled women's zip cardigan I hope to be showing you before the month is out. There are also a couple of sock designs on their way and more headbands--good for presents!

I have started submitting to books and magazines earlier than I thought I would, but I just can't resist! It's such fun. Hard work, but fun.

I hope you're enjoying the fall weather as much as we are--I can't wait until Halloween. I want a caramel apple!

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Knittinreed said...

Ooooh - beautiful design! And we are just getting to sock weather
:-) The color is also gorgeous.

Good luck on the debut of your wares at the new shop.