Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feasgar Math!

That's good afternoon! (trying to get back to my neglected Gaelic studies)

We were finally released from the snow and ice and it's been a little like Springtime around here--well, at least we've had sunshine and a bit warmer temps. The thing about sunshine is that it highlights all the dust in the house, so we've been doing some housekeeping lately. Actually, it's more like houseridding. I've got two big bags and a full box in the car to take to Goodwill, and there will be more. That was just the basement. I spent all day last Saturday dealing with paperwork (kind of) to get ready for tax time. There were papers from 2004 that needed filing, for Pete's sake!

All this, along with the return of subbing (mostly with 5th-8th graders--whew!), has had me mostly shunning the computer. It will take me hours to get caught up with blog reading--I'm so behind! I think I was just in hibernation mode for the whole past month, to tell you the truth. Get up, go to work, come home, knit some, go to bed--all without much brain matter firing. Well, now it's February and something clicked! Time to get busy!

My knitting has consisted of dipping into the "snack basket" between working on Sara and Mimi's sweater. There are more socks than anything in there, but in the past two days I finished a fingerless mitt, a cabled headband, and a pair of socks with the cotton (denim) DMC Senso thread.
Here's Mimi's (my mom's) as of now. I'm now up about 10 inches. It's a pretty cool stitch pattern--turning into a cable/seed stitch basketweave. Pictured with it is the Senso sock. I can't show the cuff yet--it has a cute boxy stitch pattern. I'll show it when I'm ready to release it. I'm anxious to see how this stuff wears, 'cause this is my first try with it. I am also trying their cotton/wool blend. I hope it is functional for socks, because it's fun to work with.
Sara has most of her first sleeve, but there's a sailor collar and some pretty daunting finishing work for her when I'm done with the second sleeve. In other words, it'll be a little while until she's unveiled.
My man's vest design is in the March Creative Knitting--have a look next time you're in a store that carries it--heck, buy a copy! There's lots of cute stuff in there. They are also publishing a scarf design of mine in the fall! Yippee!
Figheadh Sona Dhut!
Happy Knitting!


Roxi said...

Your mom's sweater coat is gonna be awesome.

Emmalee said...

What pretty stuff! Fell into a hole on Saturday (you know what I mean). Expect something in the mail soon! That's all you get out of me though.

El arbol es el mas grande!

I think I could now write an absurdist play in spanish.

Los zapatos van a dormir.
shhhhh...cuentes persona nada.

Put a Sock in it said...

Oh, I do like that cable stitch. Very unusual.