Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wrapping Up

I thought I would be writing this post about four months ago, but as I've said too many times, I was kidnapped for much of the year with freelance designing. I've been working on these men's sweater designs for over a year now, and they are finally ready! Also, we got the 2006 gallery up--just in the very nick o' last! Go see.

First, meet Iain. I wanted to design an Aran in the shape of a hooded sweatshirt--something cool that even young guys would wear. I even did market research with some guys in some of my substitute classes, as well as moms of boys (since I have only girls). Iain has saddle shoulders and is knit in the round all the way. The hood is picked up and knit on, carrying the main front cable all the way up it. I merged the large cables into a basketweave instead of siding them with purl stitches. The unifier is garter stitch, which appears all through the design in different ways. I had fun doing this sample in Cascade Eco Wool. The thing is, this sweater works for anyone. I love wearing it, too. As you'll see on the gallery page, so does Sue the lovely, and Jane's daughter, also the lovely! I used the same garment construction for the Aidan in Cast On, but with totally different cables and filler stitches.

The Iain pattern may be purchased here. The pic in the link shows the back.

Another design long in the making is Sherrod. This one is named after Fred, because it's his middle name, his father's middle name, and his paternal grandfather's name. Plus, I just like it. Fred picked out most of the cables for this sweater. It is also knit in the round and has saddle shoulders and underarm gussets. The back and sleeves have an allover, irregularly-twisted cable--the large cables are only on the front. This sample was worked up in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in the highland color. This yarn is really lightweight, yet after wet blocking, very comfortable and warm. I recommend it highly!

The Sherrod pattern may be purchased here.

Fred also greatly influenced this design. He wanted a sweater with an allover, simple cable with mostly stockinette. He also named it, so meet Fionn! It's a simple, satisfying project--also knit in the round, drop shoulder, only seaming at the shoulders. This sample is made with Patons Classic Merino in the dark grey mix color.

The Fionn pattern may be purchased here.

Wow, that's almost enough for this post. I've got one more design that I didn't specifically tell you about. It's a baby set with bunting, blanket and two different hats--a bonnet and a cap. It is the Mairead, and you can see it here, even though I couldn't get a picture up on this post. The sample I made about two years ago is in Lion Brand Woolease in red. That's the reason I haven't posted a picture before now. I just could not get the red to look pleasing at all. Maybe I should add this Digital Photography for Dummies book to my reading list...ya think? Since it's sitting right here beside me on the bookshelf just gathering dust.

I'll tell ya what won't be gathering dust, and that's the books Fred got me for Christmas. I will show you those next time, along with some other goodies.

I hope you are enjoying "the week between," and are looking forward to some festive New Year's fun. Let me hear from you!


twig said...

Gorgeous designs!

Anonymous said...

Those sweaters are simply gorgeous. My husband loved them too. I might just have to make that hoody for him at some time.

Dawn Brocco said...

What a great idea, fig - a real, full-fledged aran sweatshirt! And it looks great!

Jane said...

Love that design, Fig. It should be very popular since you're combining two favorites: cables and hoodies.

By the way, in order to get your red to look yummy, try using your white balance meter in your camera. Once I discovered that little gizmo, my photography life was transformed (and so were my reds)!

A fellow designer

Friender said...

I love Iain! Your link to buy it no longer works, though. Is there a place to buy it online to download a PDF? Thanks.