Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sick Day(s)

Please excuse my absence, but I was taken by some mysterious ailment off and on for the past couple of weeks. It's no wonder I don't submit to more of the millions of little germs and whatnot I must pick up from scooting around from school to school spending days with the little folks. (Knocking on wood) I do feel better today, thank goodness!

Some days I did at least feel like knitting, so I have finished all the pieces for the prototype of an accepted book submission, and have even gotten underway on the actual sample (which is worked in Cascade 220). The prototype, which I will be putting together today, is made with Katia "Scotch," a discontinued 65/26/9% silk, wool, rayon blend in a lovely tweed.

I have enough left to make a whole other sweater, which I should be able to show. Of course, the sweater for the book (and even its prototype) may not be shown until the book is published, and who knows when that'll be? I don't even know. It will be the fourth in a series for the author, though, so you'll see it sometime.

Also, I have been swatching to remake one of my designs, the Caitlin Cardigan. It has not sold any copies, so I thought I would pull it back and rework it to make it more knitter friendly. I may be about to learn steeks! I'll let you know.

This model is made with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, which I love, but I want to try it with some wool.

I've been swatching with some of these colors, and some even more earthy color combos. I will show you swatches next time.

This is some Patons Classic Merino, and in the back, some of the new Lion Brand 100% Wool. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for checking in. Hopefully, I'll feel more like blogging for the remainder of the year and on. I haven't even shown you our Christmas tree! I'll save that for next time, too.

Happy Holidays All!

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twig said...

In a book even! Wow. I can say I knew you when.

I like Patons Classic Wool a lot more than Lion Brand's wool. It's just so much softer.