Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello 100; Goodbye 2006

Is that cool? My 100th post on the last day of the year. Let me cut this into sections, 'cuz I have a lot to say. (Actually, I'll have to cut it into separate posts, because blogger is being stingy again.)

I never showed you my Christmas loot! Of course, I'll mostly show the knitting-related stuff.
Yes, that's the delightful Mason-Dixon Knitting (love the whole aura of this book), No Idle Hands by Anne L. MacDonald (which I am reading cover-to-cover now), Traditional Knitting: Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England by Gwyn Morgan (a little history, some patterns--so good), Keri Smith's Living Out Loud (a play book for your creative soul), a Capercaillie CD, Ani DiFranco's Little Plastic Castle, the Basquiat soundtrack, a Jelly Belly dispenser (I luuuuv JB's), some pick-up sticks that look like real sticks, and there in the middle, yes, you see an Incredible Mom Pez dispenser. I love her--she's stretchy (not the dispenser, the mom). All these wonders were from Fred (the cutie in-house male model from the last post).

He also got me this out-of-print booklet, Scottish Knitting by Helen Bennett. It was published by Shire Publications in the UK and it's full of info on bonnets, stockings, shawls & lace, Sanquhar & Fair Isle. I'll read it all, as well--and don't you just love the Scot on the cover in his Kilmarnock bonnet lighting up his wee pipe?

I also got some of these shoes (beautiful and comfy), and one of these gift boxes, among other things. I love Origins ginger stuff!

I told you I would post a picture of our Christmas tree, but I could not. It was from the dark side or something--I tell you the thing would not have a full-body shot taken of itself. Take a pic of the top half--fine. Take a pic of the bottom half--also fine. Try to take the whole tree in one shot--blurry every single time, even from every different angle of the room. Fred tried and I tried. Daytime, nighttime, I don't care--the thing was evil. Evidence? You need more evidence? Do you see how the font in this paragraph is different from the rest of the post? I tried several times to change it, but no. The evil tree is causing this evil font! Even though it's bad, bad, bad--it was the most lovely, fragrant Christmas tree (a Noble Fir) we've ever had. Right now, though, it's sawed in half and lying out on the cold patio. I miss its evil self.

Okay, I'll look back on my 2006 knitting in another post. Stay tuned! And if I don't get back to you before midnight, Happy New Year!!!!


twig said...

What a great Christmas you had!

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Those are some very nice Christmas Goodies!

Happy New Year!