Thursday, August 17, 2006

Greetings from the Sweatshop

Actually, a little less of a sweatshop now. Last week I sent off a major project--a month (or more) long project compressed into 2 weeks, and yesterday I sent off another, which was a redo. I won't go into that. Let's just say that I am enjoying a much-needed break from projects for other publishers and can get back to Figheadh!

I have 7 new designs that just need final edits and photos and I can publish! We have 4 sweaters, 2 hat & scarf combos, and a baby set (bunting, cap, & blanket) that I plan to have ready by the end of the month. Of course, I'll be crowing about them soon. This week I am working on the edits and 5 samples for either soon-to-be or already published patterns.

That's not to mention 20 more patterns I have to get ready to have tested/edited very soon. Only 4 of those have the samples done, 9 samples are started (3 socks, 3 rugs, 2 women's sweaters, 2 lace tops , & a tea cozy) and the rest are planned, materials ready. I need some knitting faeries! No, that's not true--I like to do it all myself. With the designs I publish myself on the site, I like to do samples either as I write or before, taking notes as I go. I like to have a sample to show my testers. However, if they were true tests, I would ask the testers to knit straight from the pattern to be sure the result would be as intended without the visual. I'm learning!

Hey, "Anonymous"! It's good to hear from a Tacoma knitter. As I said, I feel kind of alone here. As for your comment about the Cascade Sierra, I'll flash a pic of the entire Sierra stash, all "caked" up and ready to go.

There are about 12-13 of each color--plenty for a project with each color, but I want to do a slip-stitch color thing with the sage green and gun metal grey. I think they look lovely together. Anonymous, the grey is what I got half-priced at Artco. It lay around in the sale bin for eons before I finally decided I could use it. The rest, I paid full price. They had it for awhile, but as mysteriously as the Noro & the Eco Wool, they have seen no need to replace it. Lots of novelty yarn, though--makes my eyes hurt when I go in there. I am banning myself from the place for a while, though. My stash budget is drying up for the moment. Must be good. (Dadgummit!)

Okay, I'd best get busy. I am cherishing these last couple of weeks before school starts (Sept. 5), having whole days to spend with the yarny biz. Yesterday I got out all three of the school calendars and marked all the off days/holidays. Getting geared up.

Next post I want to ask about some gardening issues, and of course, there will always be knitting news.


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