Friday, August 18, 2006

If only my name were Oscar

I usually don't post when I'm grumpy. If you've stopped by, you deserve to see and hear something fun & uplifting. Life has its grumpy days, however, and if you're gonna get me, you need to get all of me.

I'm grumpy with people speeding through my neighborhood. I'm grumpy that people think they can just get in your car in your carport in the middle of the night and rummage through your stuff. I'm grumpy that you can't even leave your knitting in your car and believe it to be safe (Yeah, guard your knitting--this happened to a customer of one of my wholesale customers. I knew knitting was hot, but gee whiz.) I'm grumpy with people who insist on expressing themselves publicly with spray paint. I'm grumpy that these same 20 pounds keep returning to visit me, no matter what I do (so why not find a Sonic and get some tater tots!).

And most of all, I am grumpy with this guy.

I know he is a living, breathing citizen of earth, just as I. However.

Look at what he (and his foreslimer, as it were) have done to my marigolds.

...and my salvia. Yeah, you can't even recognize the salvia anymore. They don't bother with the other plants, the geraniums, the impatiens, the begonias. Just these two plants.

Slugs are major pests here. I hate to kill any living creature, but I unfortunately salted this guy's foreslimer last weekend. Oh, I am still having nightmares about that. We did it when we were mean little kids. "Hey, there's a slug--get the salt! Hee, hee, hee." I turned into that mean little kid for a second and the next morning I got to see a truly hideous sight--a length of snail goo hanging from the side of the marigold pot all the way to the ground. I completely goo-ized the slug. Awful.

I have tried the beer thing before, and perhaps it's time to try again. I'll get some O'Doul's (Because nonalcoholic is best? Don't ask me.) Apparently, slugs love the brew. I'll set up my little slug pub and let them drown themselves happily. No more salt for me!

I am NOT grumpy at my knitting, however, so I will spend my day with it. Oh, and if you're grumpy about something today, let me hear about it. Grumpy loves company.


twig said...

You want grumpy? I can give ya grumpy.

I'm grumpy that some motorcyclist going over 100 mph on a city street ran into a car and now those folks in the car (who weren't physically hurt badly) are probably going to be haunted by that for a long time.

I'm grumpy that the idiots across the street believe that everyone should listen to their music all day and night.

I'm especially grumpy that there is road construction on our road near the town common because it makes traffic a nightmare.

I'm grumpy that I can't start St. Brigid on Sept 1.

I'm grumpy that the washing machine is barely limping along.

I'm grumpy that the coffee pot died.

I'm grumpy that I can't get the stupid student loan people to realize I'm poor.

Is that enough for you or should I go on? *laugh*

Deborah said...

what size is that bugger?? Yuck! I thought my bunnies were pesky, but daym, that's got to be the biggest slug I ever want to see!

On a nicer note, love that scarf, oh and speaking of thieves, something stole my K1P1 magnet off the back of my car - that's pretty dumb and desperate.