Monday, December 05, 2005

SO much good news!

We got our tree up (and even lights on the outside of the house!), and the whole house is smelling good!

I found this
recipe in the Pacific Northwest magazine that I may have to make for Christmas. Yum!

Also, we watched the CB Christmas--a ritual for us. It can't really be Christmas until we've watched it. "All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share."

Also #2, Saturday morning, I sent out the call for tests for the next collection, and by the end of the day 8 out of 9 of them were nabbed! Then yesterday I got an email from another tester who said she would do whatever was left. That clinches rounds 1 & 2 (about 5 more rounds to go)! These people constantly amaze me. Have a look at just some of what they did for me just between April and November this year here. I was just hoping to get tests assigned since it's the holiday season, but two have already started and a couple more of them are just waiting on their yarn and pattern to get started. I gotta get on the ball here! (I love these people.)

See, last spring I went on
Knitter's Review and TKGA and posted on the forums for testers. The immediate result was that I had 23 testers to work with. By August, I had almost 30 people willing to test my patterns, and about ten of them have proven to be Super Testers! They knit like you wouldn't believe, and keep in touch with me (a BIG plus in my book) throughout the entire process. I'll say it a million times--I could not do what I do without them.

Also #3--we have our first ad up on The Daily Knitter! Go to the "Knitting Basics" page and you'll see our badge! Yea! Those folks (Abby) are great. They were so nice and helpful and the whole process was smooth as silk. Abby even posted about us on the blog there--as she does for all new advertisers. Go see them--they have great things to offer us knitters!

Okay, before I get back to work, I have to thank my wonderful daughter Em. You did not ruin my "street cred". As a matter of fact, you improve my rep just by being alive. You are tremendous, darling!

And I promised knitting pics...

That's the sole of the cable socks in lovely Cherry Tree Hill Spanish Moss. I can't show you the rest, cuz they're in test.

Just a detail of a sample for another test--in Cascade 220 light pink. Love, love, love that yarn! Can't get enough of it.

Progress of the Magic Stripes sock. First sock of a second pair made in colorway #207. Love it!

And I finally learned entrelac (that's some Lamb's Pride Worsted)! More on that later!

For now...

(with some nods to the Irish!)


Amie said...

The CB Christmas song is one of the few that even after too many years in retail and radio still makes me feel Christmasy! I just get all warm and nostalgic and fuzzy inside....

twig said...

Those pictures of the test patterns are great. I *love* *love* *love* the aran sweater.

Gina said...

Your site is real eye candy--all the colors and textures on your projects make me want to design and knit and design and knit some more.

I love the CB baby sweater--how creative!

I've got you bookmarked now.

kknitter said...

learning enterlac is on my list for the new year. Oh, and loved browsing through the pics from the testers. Cool stuff.
kknitter from KR forum