Monday, January 04, 2016

A new, better year

For those of you who read my blog, you know that last year wasn't very chatty. I just checked and was surprised that I only posted 19 times during the whole year. That's pretty minimal, eh?

Well, I can do better. I have been contemplating this first dreary Monday of 2016 that I need to involve my community more. I need to be more conversational. I need to share more of what goes on around here. My life is so often blessed and enriched by others who do share, by those who make the effort to involve others in their lives. 
I can do that, too!

I think last year was a keep-to-myself year in many ways. I found myself on many days shunning all social media. Sure, it can take so much of our time and attention. Sure, it's full of rottenness and fluff. But it's also full of energy and inspiration and community. I can choose to give attention to that instead. I have already trimmed and edited my feeds to include more positive, useful information so that it overcomes the rest. 

In that spirit, this morning I consulted my long-range plans and then my more detailed plan, got my work all set up and ready, and then did my workout. I am having fruit only until noon to recover from all the holiday indulgences, and thereafter it will be all vegan. 
I feel better already.

Here's what you'll see this week:

Brackenhill Week on the Facebook Mirth page.

It's been three years since I asked Delia of Ravenwood Cashmere to pay me for two designs I did for her with three skeins of her beautiful cashmere. I finally cast on my own Brackenhill over the holidays and I'll show you my progress later in the week. I am having so much fun making this shawl again. I'll also show you a few that other knitters have made. They are so pretty!

Ksenia's Adcock
Adcock Day tomorrow!

Here is just a little peek of the loveliness I plan to share tomorrow--the sweetest little Adcock of them all!

I hope your first Monday of 2016 is not so dreary and that you are kicking your own plans.
Here's to more fun in 2016!


Unknown said...

That is such a cute sweater on a little one. Memo to self for knitting for my daughter. :)

Alejandra Alejandro said...


Jen Hagan said...

Thank you Alejandra!

La Rue said...

Thanks for the inspiration for life in 2016. I simply want to live consciously every day. In my experience 2015 was mostly a blur.

Jen Hagan said...

I feel that, LaRue. Our 2015 ended kinda blah, but 2016 started off great! Let's keep it up.