Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Happy 107 to Fanny Kate Adcock Alford!

Today my granny would have been 107. Every year on this day I think even more than usual about Granny Kate. She was the second-most important person in my life growing up, with my mom being the top of the heap. Actually, I had a lot of strong, loving women who cared about me. I appreciate every one of them. My mom was a working mom all though my childhood and depended on those strong women to help care for me. The one who did this the most was my granny. She nursed me through all the childhood diseases, fed me heaping bowls of buttered grits, indulged my spunky little girl ways, and gave the best hugs. When she held me in her lap, I felt all the love and all the safety.

That's why it was a no-brainer to name a sweater design after her. The Adcock Aran Cardigan is a sweater I wish I could knit for Granny Kate. It would look great on her. I actually was able to knit her an Aran cardigan while she was still alive and she wore it all the time. I can't remember what pattern I used, so please excuse the lack of credit for that. It came back to me after Granny passed away and when I wear it, I feel like she is hugging me again.

So today I am thinking about Granny Kate and all the goodness she gave me and once again crowing about my Adcock Aran Cardigan. But this time, I want to show you some Adcocks from my testers.

Here's Denise in her Adcock made with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in Purple Haze. It only took her 20 days to knit this sweater! Bravo, Denise! Here's her project page on Ravelry.

Here's Aimee's Adcock, which I wish she would model for us. It's so pretty knit with Cascade 220 Heathers in the Lake Chelan colorway. It took her a little less than a month. Here's her Rav page.

Here's Madelynn's Adcock, also yet to be modeled. It's wonderfully made with Donegal Aran Tweed in Oatmeal. It took her about five and a half weeks to make. Here's her project page

And finally, here's more of the red sweater on Ksenia's daughter. Marvelous!
Beautiful pictures. Ksenia made her daughter's Adcock with Verdi yarn from Lanas Stop. It took her just a tad over a month to make. Here's her Rav page.

There are three more that I know of in progress, so perhaps I'll be back to crow about those when they are complete. The pictures above also give you an idea of the range of sizes included in the pattern. Thanks to all my testers in the Adcock Aran Cardigan testing group. You were all so helpful and terrific. 

And one last Happy Birthday to Granny Kate! We love you!

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