Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Figheadh Fundamental Cardigan Updates

I have to crow about finishing an editing task that's been on my list for a while.

Yesterday I sent out updates to the Figheadh Fundamental Top-Down Women's Cardigan pattern. It has better wording for the raglan and neckline increases. It also has more sensible lower-body lengths. Today I sent out the rest of the cardigan pattern updates. I added the increase instruction update to the Men's Cardigan pattern, and the Baby Cardigan and Junior Cardigan patterns simply had their worksheet page overhauled, as did all four of the patterns.

If you're not familiar with our Fundamentals, they all have instruction for at least four different yarn weights. The women's cardigan pattern includes a whopping twelve sizes. You could use these patterns to make any human a cardigan with any yarn in your stash. And that's a promise.
Any human. Any yarn.
And what happens when I edit a pattern of mine? Yep, I cast on one, of course.
This one is particularly colorful, because I decided to use this Butternut Woolens Homegrown yarn I've had set aside for the perfect project for years. I consulted Margaret Radcliffe's wonderful book The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques and chose this great hexad color combo and this beautiful slip-stitch color pattern. It's too much fun, y'all.
I already have the other colors of Homegrown arranged for another one. You see, the Fundamentals are just what they sound like--blank canvases for your own creation. Make it in stripes, add some cables, add some lace, do whatever you want!

Alas and however my cardi will have to wait. I just got yarn in the mail for a project for a magazine we all know and love, so time to cast on for that project. 
Too much fun to be had around here!

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