Monday, June 02, 2014

MEN Fair, Puyallup Fairgrounds

We are very fortunate to have the Mother Earth News Fair come to our area, because they only have these in three or four towns in the country each year. If you are not familiar with Mother Earth News, have a look at their site and acquaint yourself. Very pertinent!

Fred ordered tickets a few months ahead, because after going last year (when I had my contest debacle), we decided to go every year. We set out this past weekend for the Puyallup Fairgrounds and once inside the gates, we pretty much made a beeline for the poultry house. Here are just some of the inhabitants.
French Mondain, Best of Breed
Mediterranean Leghorn--love the colors!
And in the game section, a Silver Phoenix
From there, we ambled on to the sheep and goat building, and got a nice pose from this one having lunch
And a lackadaisical pose from this momma with her two curlytops.
The same kind was received from this pair in the llama building, whose owner says they were pretty done with this.
And these...these wonderful llama feet!
Back at the sheep building, I got a closeup of some fleeces.

I am not a spinner, but I love some beautiful fleece. 
And here are the goodies we amassed. We finally grabbed some books we've been wanting because of the 25% off in the big book store, bought some Romney yarn from Blackberry Patch Farms run by Randal and Elaine Thompson, who were so nice to talk to, and nabbed some Bob's Red Mill swag and free edible flower seeds and free net produce bags. Thankfully we managed to make it past the scone truck, the sausage truck, the kettle corn wagon, the gyro truck, the crepe stand (?) and the ice cream truck, and only got a huge cup of lemonade each. We didn't partake of any of the many demos and speakers, but we could have. The admission includes access to all of this and more. 

If you are ever near a Mother Earth News Fair, make it a point of going. It's so worth it!

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