Sunday, June 01, 2014

Junebug Days...Light

It's June!
I can hardly believe it. June already. This year is flying by, despite my goal for slowing down. Slowing down apparently makes life pass not at all less quickly. What it does, though, is to help me notice more of what's important.

That's why this year's Junebug Days will be much more calm. 
I'm thinking field trips!

You see, the nature of my work includes a little too much solitude and staying in. While I am, by nature, a homebody, a domestic, I know it's also good for me to take breaks and take journeys. It's good to shake it up and see new sights and try new things and meet new friends.

All that said, I will start first by sharing our recent journey to Puyallup for the Mother Earth News Fair. I'll have some fibery beauty to show you, among other things. There will be reports of other ventures throughout the month, and just past the middle of the month, I'll have some other types of fun to report.

Because I am hard at work on something secret, I'll have less of that to show--just little hints--but I will share these jaunts I take. Who knows, I might introduce you to something you will want to try for an excursion of your own. I hope so!

I'll be back soon for my first report.
Happy June!

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