Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Knitting for Family

We're back safe and sound from our family visit down south. Now I can finally show you some recent sock knitting and a pretty bag (or two) I tricked my sister out of. 

The first pair of socks was for my sister as a swap. She gave me one of her hand-sewn bags and I knit her a pair of socks. She is convinced that she got the better end of the deal. I disagree and you'll see why in a second. For her socks, Sis wisely chose this Pagewood Farm Yukon in Bird of Paradise from my stash. Sadly, I forgot to get pictures of the finished pair before I happily mailed them off to her.

But I can show you her bag...and its sidekick!
This small duffle bag has been my constant knitting companion for about seven years or so now, and I've never even washed it! Look how great it still looks sitting right next to my new larger version of what my sister calls the Monkey Bag (there are monkeys in the fabric design). Gorgeous!

Let's look inside.
See its large zipper pocket and two open pockets? See how it stands on its own? I love the magnetic snap closure, too. So, you can see that I go the better of her. Silly sister.

Not only that, but inside was a surprise!
Another little bag--a round drawstring bag of pretty blue and brown fabric with a linen lining. It's very sturdy and just the right size. As a thank you, I have started her a pair of Vertigo Socks in the yarn she chose as second place--Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay in Mocha.

I wish I could point you to my sister's shop so you could buy one of her Sweet Shrub Designs bags, but she is not actively selling them right now. If you'd like one, though, let me know and maybe I can beg her to make a custom one for you. She does beautiful work.

I also just finished a late Mother's Day present for my mom.
You guessed it--more Pagewood Farm! This time it's Aleyeska in Pretty Pastels.
They are as soft as a lamb's ears, I tell ya! Hope Mom loves them.

It was a great visit with family, and I am glad to be back home. I have so much to show you, so I'll be back soon with more knitting and maybe some crochet, too.

Happy Tuesday to you!


Evelyn said...

What a great swap!! Sounds like you had a great visit.

Megan said...

I'm going to call it a tie! The socks are beautiful and so are the bags! I think I'm going to go call my sister right now ;)

Caffeine Girl said...

Your sister's bag is stunning. Lucky you! I would definitely knit socks for a bag like that.

Jen Hagan said...

It was a good visit, Evelyn--especially good to see the twins!

Jen Hagan said...
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Jen Hagan said...

Glad I made you call your sister, Meghan! Ha! Thanks for the compliments, too. :-)

Jen Hagan said...

Right, CG? I thought it was very successful. Maybe there will be more swaps!