Friday, December 14, 2012

FO Friday: Ironwork Mitts Recap

Hurrah! I finished the pair of Ironwork Mitts that I posted about a couple of weeks ago!
I love them.
However, they are on their way to Alabama. Yes, I gave them away. It was hard, too. I wanted them for my own. Fortunately, I have enough of the same yarn to make another pair...when I can fit that in, that is. I don't see it happening anytime soon. You saw my WIP's! Well, at least some of them, anyway. 
I also wanted to show you how the other yarn combo came out. While I really liked the colors together, the mitt came out extremely large. I worked the one on the right with Cascade Heritage, but against my better judgment, on size 2 needles. I also worked a small wrist gore on those as opposed to the medium gore on the one on the left. I will admit to skipping the gauge check, so I brought it on myself. After this result, I made sure to correct things by working the other pair on size 1 needles and, as mentioned, working the medium wrist gore, which makes a snugger fit. I will not be making the match for the large mitt anytime soon. Unless of course, you know anyone who needs some of these in extra large. Let me know!

I hate to leave this project--I could make several more pairs!

Size 1  42" needle
SRK On Your Toes in medium grey as MC
Universal Yarns Pace in oatmeal as CC


Vanessa said...

I love that pattern. For the larger mitts, do you know of any man who needs them?

fig said...

Thanks, Vanessa! Well...I don't know any men who would wear these. The color pattern is not "manly," I guess. :-( I could be wrong, though!

Caffeine Girl said...

To say these are impressive would be a vast under-statement. They are amazing!

fig said...

CG, that's so nice! Thank you!