Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday FO: Little Socks and Cake!

Because I've been gone from the blog so much, I made you some cake! Of course, you'll have to make this Lemon Zucchini Bread yourself to actually taste it. So good! 
It's a great recipe to have if you're like me and have lots of zucchini in the house.

I also made another couple of pairs of socks this week. 
How'd I do that? Because they're tiny socks.
Reworking this pattern gave me a chance to round out the toe a little more. Here's the new one atop the old one so you can see how much rounder and nicer the toe is now.

And on the big sister size, it looks even more improved! This round toe is fun to work because when you're done, you just close up the hole--no need for grafting.

I also adjusted a few other parts of the pattern and when I get the edits in and the new pattern up, I'll let you know. I just couldn't wait to show you the sweet little things. I also can't wait to show you the new Web site, but wait I must. We're doing the last of the tweaks to make sure Figheadh works really well for you. 
Soon it will be ready!

I hope you have some fun weekend plans and that they include some good weather wherever you may be. See ya next week!


Hege said...

Beautiful socks in both this and the post before.
And the cake looks yummy.

fig said...

Thanks so much Hege!