Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Bumblebee Socks!

I would be a chuckamuck if I didn't start by saying thank you for sticking with me. I know full well that I have a small group of loyal blog friends who keep with me, even though I sometimes go for weeks posting either nothing at all or the bare bones kind of posts (i.e. the past month). Thank you so much.

My summer of socks somewhat ended with the Dainty Ankles, but then I squeezed in an edit of the first sock pattern I ever wrote--the Cables & Lace Socks. The name tells you how sucked dry my brain was at the time. Oh, yeah, Jen. Very imaginative moniker that is! I know better now and I'm making up words for the names of some of my patterns. Wait til you hear them! I can get a really good string of them thought up after about a glass and a half of strong red wine.

Anyway, this pattern needed the biggest rewrite of them all and I did it while starting a pair with some Butternut Woolens sock yarn in the Sage Hen colorway. The yarn company name isn't hot-linked because (sniff) Shelly isn't commercially dyeing yarn anymore. I hate that, cuz look.
Isn't it pretty? And this yarn gives a whole different look to the sock, with its chunky hand-dyed loveliness. I'm keeping this pair.

And here are the Bumblebee Socks. I recently designed a sock with a bit of colorwork and after knitting the test pair, I decided to use the leftover for these fun babies. This is Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga in Montauk Monster and Oleander Nymph. This yarn makes cushy, pretty socks!

Boy, am I excited because we will have new patterns ready soon! I just got the edits back for a Celtic earflap hat (two, in fact--one for big 'uns and one for little' uns) and the colorwork sock pattern is being tested right now. While that's going on, I have resumed work on about five glove and mitt patterns. 
Lotso fun coming from Figheadh!


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

The bumblebee socks look super cute!

SweatyKnitter said...

Love those socks! I just received a gift of amazingly beautiful New Zealand sock yarn. I first thought it was too beautiful to be socks ... Now I am not so sure!

fig said...

Thanks, Marie! And SK, make some socks with that beautiful yarn--treat yourself!