Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Guess what happened a few weeks ago--the best kind of happenstance. As I researched the winner of Teal week's Junebug challenge to get in touch with her and find out where to send her goody box, I found out that she not only lives right here in the same town as I do, but that she is a yarn dyer! On top of all of that, she is a newbie knitter who has taken to it like an otter to water. Why that particular analogy?
I introduce to you, The Intrepid Otter, purveyor of fine hand painted sock yarns!
I got to meet Cat in person and we had a very fun talk, during which I also got to visit with a bunch of her yarn. She brought all of her colors so I could pick one, and of course, I picked a lovely teal, the above Schrodinger's Cat, which is a new colorway and named with her husband in mind (story here). Then what do you think she did? She gave me a twofer! I had mentioned loving her Riverlands, and the next thing I knew, it was coming home with me too. Thank you, Cat!

But wait a minute, the picture above doesn't quite convey the tealness...

That's a little better. But even better yet, go to Cat's site and see her pictures--they show the colors perfectly!

I just had to wind the Riverlands up and see how it would knit up, so I started a toe-up sock.
Yes, I am knitting this sock on the patio...what gave me away?

I also have a serendipitous thing to tell you about the Schrodinger's Cat skein, but that has to wait for another post. For now, I'm going back to knit more of that Riverlands sock--super fun!


Vanessa said...

Does that mean that if you held the skein in a closed fist, it both exists and doesn't much like said cat? ;)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Pumpkin said...

Isn't it great how us fiber people are everywhere? But an indie dyer in your own town? That is luck! Her yarns are so beautiful too!

fig said...

Vanessa, you would need to ask Mr. Cat (the dyer's husband, that is). Probably no bother asking the fisted cat. Hyuck.

Pumpkin, I'm so excited to have her here. And she needs knitting buddies. We can fix her right up!

Evelyn said...

I love stories like yours ... our world is small, indeed. Love how your toe-up sock is coming along. That yarn is gorgeous!

IntrepidOtter said...

Thanks for your kind words~I am so lucky to have moved here, to have met up with you, and to have the chance to do and share the things I love!

I enjoy seeing the yarn 'in the wild' and knitting up into toasty socks for someone :)

Caffeine Girl said...

That is such a funny coincidence! Her yarn does look gorgeous!

fig said...

The yarn is gorgeous and so soft. I am stealing time when I can to work on the socks. It's all socks all the time around here lately! These are so much fun to knit.