Monday, July 09, 2012

Been Camping!

We left on the morning of July 4th for a nice four-day camping trip near the North Cascades. 
Here are some of my Instagram pics of our little adventure.
Working on a sample of the Zigzag Socks on the way
(the yarn is Sundara Sock in South Seas--a skein given to me by a friend about four years ago and finally being knit up)

After setting up the tent in our nicely wooded site...

...we found a big, beautiful meadow for a walk and great views of the foothills of the North Cascades.

The weather was gorgeous for us the whole time.

Second day camping we went for a hike up the east bank of Baker Lake, which included a view of Mt Baker, of course! 

The hike was through very lush, ferny forest with huge trees and lots of old growth.

Back at camp I worked on the Zigzag a bit and we tried to ward off mosquitoes. At one point we had three coils burning, a couple of citronella candles burning, and we were both sprayed down with repellent. I still have lots of bites. It's been since moving here from the South ten years ago that I've had mosquito bites. 
I still hate it! 

This lovely camping trip, which was only slightly marred by the bugs, was at Rasar State Park here in WA state. I recommend this park very highly. It's very well maintained, safe and secure, and has tent camping sites and hookup sites for campers and motor homes and even some walk-ins. There are tons of little trails, some of which lead down along the Skagit River. It's a good place to camp with kids, too. We saw lots of them having a blast.

When we returned home our snow pea vines had been busy!

And we had received this present from the grandtwins for our birthdays.

We had such a good time. I hope your fourth was good and that your weekend went well. 
Ain't summertime grand?


Evelyn said...

What fabulous photos!! So happy you had such a great camping trip ... I haven't camped in years but really, really want to. You've re-inspired me.

fig said...

Thanks Evelyn! Yes, go camping soon. It's rejuvenating!

Nana Go-Go said...

I wish I could say that summertime is grand but it's just grey,grey,grey here. How lovely to see your pics of blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Sorry about those pesky mosquitoes. We have the same problem with 'midgies' here if that's any consolation. Have a lovely week, Jen. x

fig said...

Sorry it's grey where you are, Nana. You create your own sunshine, though! And I wonder if those midgies are the same as the ones we used to be bothered by in Florida on beach vacations--we called them "no-see-ums."

Kim Sonksen said...

What a gorgeous area to camp! I a glad you enjoyed it and I love the progress you made on your socks too

fig said...

It was almost unbelievably gorgeous, Kim! When we walked out onto that meadow, I felt like Dorothy when she landed in Munchkinland. Awe. As for the socks, I am past the heel on the second sock. I'll show those Friday for FO day! Woohoo!