Friday, August 20, 2010


Glad you asked! One thing taking my time lately is the study of gloves. I love gloves--maybe even more than socks. There. I said it. Glad that's off my chest.
My thinking is that if you have a gorgeous yarn of luxurious fiber, why not put it on your hands where you can ooh and ahh over it more successfully? I know, I know. It's fun sometimes to know you're hiding cashmere in your shoes, like a delicious little secret (like knowing there is brie and crusty bread and a good Chardonnay waiting at home for dinner), but I'm more inclined to want to show off that yarn on my hands. Ya know, in a way you can wave it in people's faces in a more socially-acceptable manner.
I thought I was pretty good at knitting gloves. I have a lot to learn. Sure, fingerless gloves and mitts are pretty conquerable, but I want to get really good at the fingers part. I'll show you, and while I'm showing you that, I'll show you some yummy yarns I'm doing it with.

On your left you see a beautiful brown/teal/cream hand dyed yarn that comes to us from Lollipop Cabin Yarns right nearby in Snohomish, WA. Ialiuxh gave me a skein of this rare 9-ply superwash merino to try way back at Madrona in February and I finally figured out a rightful project for it. There's a lot more joy going on with this glove than just the Stockinette and rib you see, but I can't show you. The same goes for the middle glove knit with MacKintosh Iona Fingering that Liz gave me in April at Stitches. Boy, that glove was fun to knit. The yarn is fabulous! On your right is a brand new yarn from Quince & Co, a company that is using all American wool. This is Chickadee in Peacock. I really, really like it! Again, I wish I could show you what's going on on the front of the glove. It involves some really pretty cables with twisted stitches. Soon, my pretty. Soon.
I'm sure I'll be posting about gloves more very soon.

I did have to take a small rest from gloves, however, to get some Aran knitting going. Can't stay away from that for long. I am being guided by EZ and her "Pithy Instructions For The Aran Pullover" in her Knitter's Almanac with a design I've had swatched for over a year now. I just couldn't wait any longer, and one reason is because I've had this Schaefer Miss Priss in Almond earmarked for the project. I love Miss Priss. It is the softest, sweetest twist on a merino Aran weight I know. Not only that, but it's so soft you can wear it right next to your skin with no itchy.

I am also dabbling with a summer top that has Stockinette, a tinch of cable and a little lace. I'm working it up in Cascade Ultra Pima. Lovely 100% cotton. I do have to take care not to work on it for too long, though. Cotton makes my hands and wrists tired. How bout you?


La Rue said...

Beautiful work girlie!! I was worried about your sock obsession so I am happy to see gloves going. Also Wizard references always tickle my memories. Keep creating and I'll keep commenting. Luvm....

Keya said...

I love gloves, too! I'm on a fingerless glove kick right now. I was wondering, have you ever knit gloves with a fine lace yarn? I have a vintage pattern for laidies gloves, but I have been hesitant to start because I'm not really a knitter of lace; so the really fine stuff is new to me.

As for cotton, I don't like to knit with it at all, unless I'm making a dishcloth! Bamboo is the closest to cotton I prefer to get.

Julie said...

Beautiful gloves, Jen, even though we can't see all the glorious details quite yet. And the yarns are pretty yummy, too.

I'm no great fan of knitting with cotton either, but all those wools? Aah, yesss.

fig said...

Thanks Mom! Socks do tend to draw us knitters in. :-)

Keya, I am playing around with a lace weight glove design--definitely needs to be lace and dainty. I have a knitted one and a crocheted one in mind. With lace (even more than anything else) blocking is key!

Julie, thanks for the glove love!