Friday, August 06, 2010

Grandkid Projects

I thought I'd better come up for air from my latest knitting project and protect my cred as a knitting blog. I have actually completed a whole lot of projects in the past few months. Some of them were even for family--my grandchildren! Look at these big boys.

Last Christmas my youngest daughter Natalie and I tag-teamed on a sweater each for Preston and Declan, my middle daughter's sons. Preston got an updated green heather version of the sweater named for him, the Raibeart (he is Robert Preston), and Declan got a brown Declan. Both are knitted with the always beautiful Cascade 220 Superwash--the perfect yarn for boys' sweaters!
While I was in GA helping out with the newest grandkids, Malcolm and Lucy, I finished up a crocheted blanket for Lucy in Schaefer Lola (color Snooks) and started and finished one for Malcolm in the same yarn in the Peter colorway. Emily (the twins' mom) even got to pick out the crochet block motif for Malcolm's blanket. Working on those blankets might have been the thing that almost kept me sane those three weeks. :-)

The most recent FO's for the wee tots were little cardigans for the twins. Here's Lucy in hers made with the long discontinued Cascade Pima Melange in cream and lavendar.

And here's Mr. Malcolm in his very manly card made with Cascade Cotton Rich DK. That's a little monkey patch I added for giggles.
Yes, I am unabashedly proud of all four of them and I'm sure there'll be lots more kid projects to show soon. I have a knitted blanket and some leg warmers in the works for Lucy, a hat or two for Malcolm, and am figuring out what to make next for Preston and Declan. If I could knit Preston a Darth Vader suit he would love me forever. For Declan, perhaps a full-body crash suit out of some of that stainless steel yarn. He's a rounder!

Back to my glove knitting. Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Emily said...

We sure do love all of our Grammy-made items! Such lovely things to cherish forever. Thank you so much.