Friday, October 09, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

Woodjah look at that! Isn't that gorgeous? We have the amazing Sandy to thank for this delicious field of blue yumminess.

And to prove it, here she is showing it off for me. Sandy knit this Big Easy Blanket in Dream in Color Classy in Nightwatch or Midnight Derby (let me know if you know, because Sandy didn't have her yarn label with her). Thanks so much to her for sharing her beautiful work. This was made as a wedding present, by the way. Lucky bride & groom!

I have a couple of FO's of my own to report. Here's a new Raibeart made with Cascade 220 Superwash in the heathery green color #867. I had some help from youngest offspring--Natalie worked the section from the garter edging to just before the underarm gusset. I did some major tweaking of the pattern as I finished it up (as usual.) This one will eventually be a present as well. It's a secret!

I owe this expanse of Merino-Rambouillet sheepiness to Marr Haven Yarn. Clara Parkes just reviewed this yarn as a build-up to the impending release of her new book--go and see! (Can't wait for this book!) I bought this batch of worsted weight Marr Haven yarn in Medium Grey at least 4 years ago and started this top-down pullover as what I thought was to be part of a KAL kicked off by a class I taught in spring 2008 (as far as I know, I'm the only one who finished). The sweater sat in its basket as just a top half until recently when Nat did a few rounds and then I finished up. It's mine all mine! I want cold weather to come just so's I can wear him! It's like a teddy bear you can wear and smells so wonderful with its unprocessed sheepy goodness. Now Fred wants one. If I have enough yarn left, darling. Fingers crossed.

Here's a full shot of Big Marr Haven hugging on a little Marr Haven in progress. That's a cone of the sport weight in Lilac Heather. I'm making a sample of the upcoming Fundamental Watch Cap.

On with the fun!


Barbara said...

Thanks for mentioning us. I so enjoy your creative writing as well as knitting... oh, and can't say enough about your western pics.

Shelly said...

Much knitting has been accomplished! Way to go.

Julie said...

So beautiful, Jen! Impressive design work as always, and it's always good to be introduced to new yarns.