Thursday, September 17, 2009

The monthlies

No, not that. Posting on my blog. It seems I only get to it once a month. Not good. Must figure this out. How to write more about what I'm doing while trying to get it all done? Hmmmm.
Okay, while I'm trying to figure that out, I may as well post something worthy, huh?
That's very worthy. That's one of the delicious tarts that Mike made for us this past weekend. We had Mike and Will over for some grilled salmon and tons of conversation (as usual) and he brought us this gorgeous thing, which we devoured in high fashion.
That's not all! There were a couple of these, too! See, we just had Peach-o-Rama here in WA. Yep, peaches aren't just in GA. We've got 'em here, too. Big and lovely and fuzzy. Yum. Thanks Mike!!
I hear you asking. Has there been any knitting going on? Oh boy! We are having a kind of Hat-o-Rama, too. Me and Nat and Shirley and Stormy and Terri and Meredith are testing out a new Fundamental pattern. It's great fun. You just take some leftover yarn and a super-easy stitch pattern and whip out a hat in no time. I love hats that way. They go fast and Boom, you've got something lovely and functional. Here's a stack for proof.
Want syrup with that? Maybe next time...

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Shelly said...

Make mine Mrs. Buttersworth, please.